Intent on dismantling the dichotomies of sound/image, new media artist Hugues Clément explore the relationships between nature/technologies and sensible/intelligible perception. With a/v performance, mapping, VJing, and installation, he uses CGI with free digital manipulation to create digital/organic universes. His work have been showcased in various event , including MUTEK (CA), Palais des Paris (JP), Transient festival (FR), MADATAC (ES), Files anima + (BR), Circle of light  (RU).  His work have been rewarded with the Société des arts technologiques’s Euterke grant Vj in 2011,  the Crystal Interface contest (MUTEK+Elektra (EM15) 2014, and the Bronze medal at the Jeux de la Francophonie 2017 in Abidjan (IC), representing the team Canada-Québec.